Holset Turbo Information - April 2019

The community response to BenzForce carrying Holset turbos has been surprising.  I knew Holset represented a great value in turbo options and feel that the turbos flying out the door prove as validation that others feel the same way.

Holset may not be the sexy BorgWarner or Garrett that some boast about but they also don't come with the same price tag or installation requirements.  Holsets are PROVEN in the OEM world on Cummings vehicles.

Almost daily, I am asked what it takes to install a Holset on a Mercedes.  The expectation is that, regardless of turbo manufacturer, one should expect everything to be custom.  Plan on having an oil feed line made at a hydraulic shop, a turbo drain kit off ebay, a spacer or adapter to fit it to the exhaust manifold, and custom intake tubing to the intercooler or intake manifold.  It should not be expected that anything is a direct fit.

We are having couplers (v-band fittings for welding or couplers) made in addition to exhaust v-band to 3" tube fittings.  These should ease customization considerably.

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