Development Update for March 2023

Early in 2023, BenzForce cranked out a couple of new designs, some improvements, and resurrected an old project of interest.  Having been sidelined with some external commitments, I have not been as active in the business as I would have liked but now that those obligations have been met, I hope to ramp up the product development machine again and get going.

There are items that are not on this list but at this time they are just white boarded and not committed to. 


  • *NEW* om648/6R80. This includes an improved torque converter adapter as well as the finalized ring.
  • *NEW* om606/6R80. Minor changes to the torque convertor adapter
  • m112/m113 EGR Plates.
  • 6R80 Fittings. I cannot believe how these took off overnight. 
  • om606 Rods. People seem to like the new X Beam design. For those that do not know, these were not off the shelf branded rods.  We worked with the manufacturer on the original tolerances and measurements.
  • om606 Fuel Heater Plates.


  • om603/om606 Fuel Filter Housing. I do not know if this will ever be manufactured but the design leverages widely available filters compatible with the Baldwin BF788.  There have been some requested modifications to investigate should it move forward.
  • Turbo diverter valve. This was done a while ago, but I sent the prototype off to have a good customer test it.  I don’t plan on making these, at least not in the short term, but I would like some feedback.
  • Catch can. The engineer made a great looking catch can with features to match.  It got a lot of interest and a lot of feedback, but I don’t know that there would be enough market differentiation to warrant another can on the market.

The BenzForce custom catch can



  • om606/CD009. This is back on the list and the ring is in its second revision now, beefing up the hardware used.  Once the ring is done (machined), I will measure, and we can revisit the flywheel we started years ago.  I think a single cast flywheel may be more appropriate and affordable for the masses, but I need to give it more thought.

As always, thanks for the read!

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