BenzForce,LLC Emissions Position

BenzForce, LLC wishes to fully comply with government guidelines with respect to the resale of aftermarket parts.  Attempting to navigate all the legal jargon relative to the restrictions has become overwhelming for such small company and a misstep can result in incredibly stiff penalties for those companies that are not in compliance.  

For the most part, our aftermarket parts fall into three categories:

  1. Direct Factory Replacements.  These are things such as bearings, seals, gaskets, etc and "should" have no impact on emissions compliance
  2. Internal Performance Parts.  Performance parts, such as valve springs, connecting rods, etc also do not impact emissions as their intent is just to build a stronger version of the engine.
  3. Fuel Services.  Injection pump upgrades, injector pop pressure changes, etc can have an impact on emissions.  While we are not altering the function of the part necessarily we are providing the ability for more fuel to enter the system and if not adjusted properly, could result in more emissions. 

Given the recent cursory introduction to the CARB rules, which we believe more restrictive than the EPAs', we cannot sell fuel services to California residences unless the purchaser declares the vehicle the parts and/or services purchased for is for competition use only and not for use on public roads. Purchaser also agrees that they have (or will) follow the proper procedure to designate that vehicle as competition only if required by their state or local government.  If you local or state government has similar restrictions it is your responsibility to adhere to the respective agencies regulations an not use these parts/services on public roadways.

California Air Resources Board Information and Compliance

The state of California regulates automobile aftermarket parts which have the potential to change, impact, or remove emissions control on any smog controlled vehicle. In some cases, the sale and use of the aftermarket part may be prohibited with the exception of replacement parts (as defined by the state of California), or specific authorized use of that part granted by California ARB which includes or has an Executive Order.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulates aftermarket parts and has promulgated regulations that essentially place all emissions related aftermarket parts into several categories:

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts are aftermarket parts that ARB considers to be functionally equivalent to the stock part they are intended to replace, and therefore would not impact the emissions from these vehicles. These parts are appropriate for sale and use on automobiles used on or off the public highways. For aftermarket exhaust systems and related parts, here are two applicable scenarios:

(a) If the automobiles stock exhaust system does not contain a catalytic converter, then an aftermarket exhaust part is a replacement part as long as the part does not remove or replace any emission control equipment originally attached to the stock exhaust system, such as oxygen sensors.

(b) If the automobiles stock exhaust system contains a catalytic converter in the manifold section of the stock exhaust system, then an aftermarket muffler positioned downstream from the catalytic converter (i.e. cat-back) is a replacement part as long as the part does not remove or replace any emission control equipment originally attached to the stock exhaust system.

Executive Order Parts

Executive Order Parts are aftermarket parts that ARB has evaluated and determined do not adversely impact emissions, and thereby are granted an Executive Order (EO), which allows the part to be sold and used on a specified automobiles. Any aftermarket part system that replaces or otherwise impacts emission control equipment, including catalytic converters, requires an E.O. to be sold and used on a automobile used on or off a public highway.

Competition Use Only

These parts may not be sold or used on an automobile that is used on or off the public highways. They can be sold for, and used on, racing vehicles designed exclusively for competition. Competition Use Only Parts are aftermarket parts that replace or otherwise interfere with the operation of an emission control device, such as a catalytic converter, test pipe, header, etc. and may be sold and used on a racing vehicle that is used only for sanctioned closed course competition.

California law defines a racing vehicle as “a competition vehicle not used on public highways.” (Calif.Health & Safety Code 39048). Some parts sold by BenzForce, LLC, such as our performance injection pump upgrades, are intended for the sole purpose of competition use only, and may never be used in a smog controlled automobile being operated on California public highways. Competition Competition use vehicles may under no circumstance be driven to a racing event on or off a public highway. They must be transported on a trailer or other carrier.

Use of parts purchased from BenzForce,LLC in a vehicle they were not intended for will void any and all written, stated or implied warranty. It is the purchasers responsibility to comply with all applicable state and federal emissions laws relating to use of the aforementioned parts. BenzForce, LLC hereby disclaims any responsibility resulting from the incorrect use, installation, or failure of compliance to applicable state and federal laws in their region.

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