Due to Ice storms, BenzForce will be closed 2/1/2023. We will reopen once shipping carriers resume their routes

The 2023 Pump Hiatus

About this time last year, our pump build queue was so long that I put new orders on hold.  I was concerned that the burden may rush the builders, ...   Read more

State of the Union 2023

It is now 7AM on New Year's Day and I couldn’t be more excited to share the 2022 summary and some of the goals for 2023.  2022 in Review Looking ba...   Read more

Pump upgrades will be on hold soon

Through the years, BenzForce has been responsible for upgrading hundreds of injection pumps.  It is with mixed feelings that we will be suspending ...   Read more

The Sprinter Single Mass Flywheel (SMF)

A few of the BenzForce followers also follow my personal page but for those that don’t know, my own w123 has had on going transmission issues and I...   Read more

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