Yes, we are back but there is a lot more to do. There are many more manufacturers and product categories to add.  In addition, direct fit products need to be updated with chassis references for easier searching. If you cannot find something you are looking for while we remodel or encounter issues, please drop us an email.

In case you can't tell, BenzForce is undergoing a fundamental change to bring performance parts to the next generation of Mercedes builders and enthusiasts. Not only have we added direct fit parts but we will be adding more universal performance parts we feel are relevant.  Don’t worry though, we are not abandoning our roots, just making our community stronger than ever.

Injection Pump Upgrades

Dieselmeken upgrades and related parts

Exhaust Systems

Catback systems


Get the ride height and performance
you've been wanting!

om606 Parts

Rebuild and performance parts for the
diesel om606

Water Meth Injection

Lower EGTs and increase performance
with these water meth upgrades

Performance Brakes

Performance brake pads, rotors and
line kits

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BenzForce is Back!

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Pivotal Decisions

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