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COMMUNITY FEED: Ken's 1965 Valiant

BenzForce customer Ken has built a pretty awesome 1965 Valiant to which we were happy to supply the turbo for.  Even though his car is not a Merced...
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Introducing the HE221 for Classic Mercedes Diesels

Back in September, we completed our HE221 kits for the Mercedes om602, om603, om604, om605, and om617 engines.  The creation of the kits was a dire...
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Om617 Dyno Testing, Part 1: Baseline

I am often asked for power numbers on specific combinations of products.  A lot of people refer to forum posts and frankly, I don’t have much confi...
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Finally Ready for Dyno Testing the om617!!!

The dyno car is ready for testing with the stock om617.  I have a lot of irons in the fire which has made it a long road to get to this point.  I w...
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