Intake manifold to 3" adapter for om648, om613

BenzForce Engine Components om648 RESELLER-MISC
Are you swapping your om648 into a pre-emission vehicle and trying to tidy up the intake system?  Swap out the factory mixing chamber for...

Turbo oil feed - om648, om613

BenzForce Engine Components om648 RESELLER-MISC
Are you replacing the turbo on your om648 with an aftermarket unit?  Things will go a lot easier with this high quality stainless steel...

Charge air distribution plate - om648, 613

BenzForce Engine Components om648 RESELLER-MISC
Hoping to ditch the charge air system on the om648 you're swapping into a pre-emission vehicle?  This plate can help you out and when...

om60x Engine Mount Plates - om606, om613, om648

BenzForce Classic Engines om606 om648 RESELLER-MISC
These 1/4" mild steel laser-cut plates will make swapping your om606 easy as pie.  Hardware not included. Cut in Dallas TX

Gasket - Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger to Charge Air Distributor Line

This product is not longer available from the aftermarket (MB or our suppliers), so we are working to get these manufactured.  Please check back...

Engine Oil Cooler Gasket

#41 in the parts diagram

Turbocharger Oil Line O-Ring

BenzForce om648
2012 C250, Qty: (1)2013 C250, Qty: (1)2014 C250, Qty: (1)2015 C250, Qty: (1)2014 E250, Qty: (1)2015 E250, Qty: (1)2016 E250, Qty: (1)2006 E320, Qty:...

Turbocharger Gasket - Exhaust Manifold to Turbocharger

BenzForce om648
2005-2006 E320CDI

Turbocharger Oil Return Line Gasket

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