Manufacturing Update for April 2019

I think manufacturing updates are going to be the norm going forward, so here is an “end of April” update.

    1. om606 H-Beam Rods: Rods are in full production at this point and our first shipment of 42 rods are expected the week of 5/24
    2. om606 exhaust oval to round transitions : This manufacturer is supplying the ovals, oil fittings, and ALDA caps. My understanding is that all items should ship this month!
    3. Exhaust part manufacturing: I am extremely disappointed to say that none of the laser cut T3 or om606 flanges I had cut are up to my expectations. Most would probably agree that they are fine, but they are not as clean as I would like. If this is something you would like, contact me for a price but I will not be putting parts from this supplier in my store until I have them milled and cleaned up.
    4. ALDA cap: caps are almost done. Last I heard they are awaiting anodizing and will be shipped! These will be anodized red and put on our M pump upgrades going forward.

    5. Oil fittings: The om606 oil fittings were a hit and totally sold out. The next version has been manufactured and anodized, but not shipped to me yet.  In this version, I abandoned the Viton O-ring in favor of the original Mercedes seal. Going original affords the owner the ability to get an off the shelf part easily and frankly I don’t know that there is a need for a Viton seal.

    I have to give our Mechanical Engineer, Chris, a big thumbs up on this one. The manufacturer asked for a tolerance drawing and he delivered a presentation on tolerances with expected o-ring squish (compression) and deformation. The manufacturer never saw such a detailed report – I am thankful to be working with such a professional
  1. Holset Exhaust v-band Fitting: These are currently in design and will go from the 78+mm Holset v-band to a 3” exhaust tube
  2. Holset HE221 and HX30 compressor coupler fitting. These are also in design and will allow the fitting to be welded to tubing or intercooler our joined via coupler to intake tubing. These will be shorter straight fittings using o-rings much like the stock Cummings elbows
  3. Holset HX35/HE351 compressor couplers. These are awaiting the arrival of the Cummings part before we can start design.

There you have it – those are the irons in the fire,

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