BenzForce: The Roadmap for 2019

Year in Review

2018 was BenzForce’s first “real” year in business. 2017 was mostly spent developing the website and doing the legwork to get positioned to sell.

In 2018, we…

  1. Finally got the pump building situation under control and shipped a number of pumps.
  2. Started stocking and reselling high-end performance parts. I can’t adequately express how grateful I am to Dieselmeken AB and F-Tune for putting faith in me and taking me under their wings.
  3. Bought a dyno/R&D car to start putting horsepower and torque numbers to specific modifications like turbos and injection pumps.
  4. Wrapped up the w123 – there will always be more to do on this one, but I’m satisfied for now.
  5. Launched our online community with a YouTube channel and a Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow!


What does 2019 hold for BenzForce?

R&D: As mentioned, we purchased a dyno car to test specific combinations for power gains. After looking at all the 2018 requests, I have decided to focus on the om617 and om606. For the om617 I will test baseline, a MW pump upgrade and a HX30 + pump upgrade. The om606 testing will include a baseline (603 pump), and turbos (HX40 Super, HX35, Garrett and/or BorgWarner S200). The om606 turbo selection may change but the goal is to test typical builds so people know what to expect. Since I have to buy these turbos, it needs to be a finite number.

Power Packages: The dyno car project will give customers the ability to order based on desired horsepower gain. Most engine related inquiries BenzForce receives are about turbo, pump and header combinations. In order to knowledgably answer those questions, I need to start testing and selling turbos. As of 4 th quarter 2018, I have a Garrett and Borg Warner supplier. As of this writing, I’ve found a supplier for legit Holset HX30 turbos have issued my first purchase order.

Manual Transmission Options: Late in 2019 I expect to start offering manual transmission options for the om606 and other inline engines that have the same transmission pattern. For logistical reasons, the focus will be on domestic transmissions with removable bell housings. The T5, T56, T56 Magnum/TR6060 are the current targets with 3 different options each:

  • Stage I: Single Mass Flywheel (SMF) conversion kit from a sprinter with custom bell housing.
  • Stage II: TBD but would like an off-the-shelf flywheel modified for a good pressure plate and proven clutch disc. Custom bell housing.
  • Stage III: Custom flywheel, sintered clutch, pressure plate combo. Custom bell housing.

The goal is to have lighter shipping packages and an end product that doesn’t use a heavy 12-inch thick flywheel and/or adapter. I would like to see a legit bolt-on (direct fit) solution. There is a lot to iron out before I can bring this to market.

Moving to Gas: Assuming my other 2019 objectives can be achieved and time permits, I will be on the hunt for an m104. This will mark the entry into gas Mercedes engines and, hopefully, learning progresses into a few modern models down the line. Today’s w204/w205 and w211/w212 will be tomorrow’s w123. Modifications will move into tuning, piggyback ECUs and light forced induction upgrades.

Customer Builds: Yes that’s right! The guy who whined a couple of months ago about building other people’s cars is going to try to take on two projects this year. I still stand behind my belief that the project needs to be the right fit for both parties, but I also decided it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.

Free Stuff: New Year’s Eve we gave away an om603 pump with 8MM Dieselmeken elements and will have it recalibrated and shipped. BenzForce expects to start doing more giveaways: monthly, quarterly and year end.

That’s all folks! I invite you to drop me a line or share your thoughts.


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