om617: 2019 Roadmap Update for January

In my 2019 Roadmap post, I said I would “focus on the om617” and start developing power packages.

In January, I took a step toward fulfilling this goal. I took delivery of my first batch of Holset HX30 turbos. That order, combined with the Dieselmeken order pictured below, was a substantial investment toward the cause.

 This is only the beginning, though, as the plans are starting to take shape. Here are the packages I see unfolding at this time (subject to change):

  • 617 MW pump upgrade and turbo package (Power Pack). This is for the builder who wants to custom build their ride or perform an engine swap. Currently, this is available in the store.
  • 617 power Pack accessory kit. Again, this is aimed at the custom builder. This kit aims to reduce the need to order basic parts from multiple vendors. The accessories will include essentials like a turbo spacer, oil feed and drain lines and, possibly, a solution for adapting the intake. Items like intercoolers and piping are typically dictated by available space, so packaging would be a difficult challenge. I’m also considering kitting products, such as an EGR delete, from other vendors. Offering one SKU to take care of all the headache parts is my goal!
  • 617 MW pump upgrade, turbo and direct bolt-on hardware. I get a lot of requests from people who want a bolt-on kit with no fabrication. They love their classic cars and don’t want to corrupt them. This idea sounds easy but there are a few challenges to work out. I need to select the right turbo and have parts designed and fabricated for certain aspects of the offering.

In addition to packaged solutions, I intend to build out the turbo offering with a couple of additional Holset models and a couple models from BorgWarner and Garrett. Most of those are not relevant to the om617 crowd but after I do more research, it will happen.

Stay tuned and thanks for hanging out!


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