Manufacturing Status - July 2022

I’ve been bad about keeping the blog up, especially on the production of parts.  Given the number of inquiries lately, I thought it would be a good time to put out a blog with the new parts and the parts expected soon.  I will skip over normal inventory replenishment…

Before we get into that, I was excited to get the om606, om617, om648, TR6060 (LS), AX15, CD009 and 6R80 bell housing areas 3D scanned and probed a while back.  This should help to speed things along but more importantly allow for a better product in the end.


Available now:

  • om648
  • om603 & om606
    • Wicked Injection side cover with engraved logo.  Currently awaiting our om606 EDC test build
    • EDC pump inlet fitting
  • om617
  • Miscellaneous
    • T3 12AN 45 degree drain
    • T3 45 degree drain with hose barb
    • M12 banjo to 8mm barb for use on filter housings and injection pumps. This also fits the EDC pump fitting
    • 8MM ball sockets, studs and wire work. These are primarily for use on other assemblies
    • Mercedes 100/110mm driveshaft adapters - transmission to u-joint
    • Nissan 350z differential to u-joint adapters
    • Mercedes 100/110mm driveshaft adapters - differential to u-joint (thinner)

Coming soon

These parts are coming from different manufacturers so timelines will vary but are expected within the next two weeks.

  • m112
    • Exhaust gas block off plates
  • om648
    • Om648 x-beam rods. These will feature ARP bolts
    • EGR intake gaskets
    • Oil cooler plate
    • T25 turbo adapter
    • T3 turbo adapter
  • om606
    • Fuel heater block off plates
    • Om606 x-beam rods. These should be stronger than our last rods.  ARP will not have bolts made until October so this batch will be offered with the Carrillo style bolts used previously.
  • om648 & om606
    • Turbo oil drain fixture. This will be a rental allowing discerning customers to drill their om606 NA or om648 blocks for a factory style drain.
    • Crank pin tool rental. This tool will be more economical as it can be returned after pinning the crank.
  • om617
    • Intake manifold adapters
  • Miscellaneous
    • KKK to T25 turbo adapters are in stainless steel

Other mentions

  • Om606 exhaust manifold. These look awesome!!!  The prototype is currently installed and after a few more miles, it can be pulled off, inspected and if all looks good, full production started.
  • 6R80 Adapters. Since the engines and transmissions were 3D scanned progress has been made on the 6R80 adapter and another test ring is being lasered as a test. The goal is to have this adapter fit BOTH the om606 and om648.  That provides an upgrade path for the customer and lowers inventory cost.  The 6R80 is a very stout transmission that comes in 2WD and 4WD.  They are widely available in most junkyards in Ford F150s.
  • Diverter valve/QSV. We are taking our time on this.  The engineer is researching materials to make sure expansion isnt a problem and we are reshaping the flap valve to make it more wedge like.
  • 716 SMF kit. I *may* do something to use the 716.648+ 6 speeds on the om606.  I posted about the swap on my personal page and there is a lot of confusion on what parts to use.  Sometimes too much information on the internet is also problematic when you don’t know what works.
  • W123 parts. For those that do not know, I tore up the front of my car loading it on a trailer when stranded in the New Mexico desert. I will need to make a cross member that acts as a radiator support.  The goal is to remove the cross member behind the bumper.  Some models have a plate but mine is a rectangular tube.  Having a thick gauge radiator support that is welded to the frame could provide the stiffening and mounting points for a triple pass GM radiator, oil cooler, intercooler and AC condenser.  Additionally with no support bar behind the bumper the intercooler can be brought up and the original valance *hopefully* preserved.  My focus is on functionality though, not the valance.
  • Pump builds. With the market slowing down, its hard to justify the continuing pursuit of in-house pump builds at this time.  I also replied to a comment on social media that I may suspend all builds once inventory is depleted and I was surprised by the feedback on that.  People were pretty disappointed and wanting MW builds to continue.


Now you know what I know the status of the expected parts and a few projects. I'll try to be better about updates.


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