Do you have a spare injection pump you are looking to get rid of?  If so, maybe we can help you out.  Here is what we are looking for:

  • om617 MW turbo pumps - NO RACK POSITION SENSORS
  • om603 turbo
  • om606 EDC (sometimes, see below)
  • All pumps must be complete and in good working condition with all parts
  • USA residents only


  • Contact us at info @ and send us pictures of each side of your pump and the tag.  Also, tell us how much you feel your pump is worth to you.  FYI, our max payouts are listed below.
    • For om60x pumps, include pictures of the red high idle magnet connector to make sure it is not broken.  It is not a deal breaker but it does affect cost.
  • After receiving your pictures and the price you are asking, we will review and respond as to whether we have a go forward plan.
  • If we do, box your pump up.  Make sure to pad it well and send us the dimensions and weight.  We will then email a shipping label
  • Once your pump is received we will PayPal the agreed upon amount to you.  We do not offer credits, trades, etc.  PayPal is the only means of exchange for this type of transaction at this time.

What to expect:

If the following maximum rates are not in line with your expectations, we understand but we are not in a position to offer more at this time.

  • om617 MW pumps - $200
  • om603, om606 N/A pumps - $300
  • om606 EDC - $100

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