om617 MW Pump top plate
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om617 MW Pump top plate

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We've had customers want to jazz up their pumps and also some that have suffered from...

om617 MW Pump top plate

We've had customers want to jazz up their pumps and also some that have suffered from shipping damages on their pumps.  Whatever the case, you will be sporting your pump in style with the BenzForce top plate.

Please note that this plate does NOT have the means to mount the factory automatic transmission valve


  • 1 x BenzForce top plate
  • 4 x Stainless bolts
  • 4 x Stainless lock washers
  • Gasket NOT included

Installation can be tricky - if more detailed instructions are required please email us.  These are general installation steps:

  • Remove the ALDA hose
  • Unscrew the ADALA
  • Remove the four slotted screws from the top corners of the plate
  • The shaft from the ALDA is held on with a small C clip that keeps tension on a washer and spring.  Carefully remove that C clip.  If care is not taken, it can be propelled off the shaft from the tension of the spring and a replacement part will be very difficult to find.  Set the c-clip, spring, and most likely washer aside.
  • Remove the top plate off the ADLDA shaft being careful not to allow the shaft to slip inside the pump
  • Using a hex bit, remove the ALDA fitting and thread it into the new cap.  These are aluminum parts so do not over tighten.
  • Direct the ALDA shift through the ADLA fitting and place the new top cover back onto the pump, securing it with the new cap screws and lock washers
  • Slip the spring and regular washer over the ALDA shaft
  • Use SOFT JAWED pliers to pull up on the ALDA shaft while securing the c-clip.  Do not mar the surface of the shaft as it may prevent proper function due to binding
  • Resecure the ALDA and the ADLA hose
  • Enjoy your cool new look - great job!


Made by BenzForce, LLC

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