Mercedes to Dodge Hemi 8HP70 - om648, om613
Mercedes to Dodge Hemi 8HP70 - om648, om613
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Mercedes to Dodge Hemi 8HP70 - om648, om613

Coming soon!!! The 8HP70 is a crowd favorite for swaps these days and now you can pair...

Mercedes to Dodge Hemi 8HP70 - om648, om613

Coming soon!!!

The 8HP70 is a crowd favorite for swaps these days and now you can pair it with the powerful Mercedes om60x engines.  This premium kit offers outstanding fitment due to 3D scanning of both the transmission and engine bell housings.  A simple comparison of the adapter ring to our competitors speaks to the level of fitment we worked to achieve.

This adapter fits the Dodge 8HP70 transmissions as found in the 5.7 Hemi Charger.  The most predominate controller on the market is the Turbolamik - information is readily available on the web.

Hardware included:

Quantity Description Size
1 Bell housing to block ring
1 Torque converter adapter
6 Adapter to converter bolts M8x1.25 - 25
6 Flex plate to torque converter adapter M8x1.25 - 20
1 Torque converter locating stud for initial alignment M8x1.25
Adapter to om60x bolts M10x1.5 - 35
8HP70 to adapter bolts (through transmission into ring) M10x1.5 - 40
8HP70 to adapter jam nut M10x1.5
8HP70 to adapter stud (install long end into transmission case) M10x1.5 - 40
2 Locating pins (adapter ring to om60x) M10
2 Allen Socket Head M8x1.25 - 80
2 Belleville Washer M8x1.25
2 Mopar 01122532 locating pin



Installation follows the basic steps:

  1. Determine if you need the center bushing or not.  This will depend on the pilot diameter on the Dodge 8HP torque converter.
  2. Place the pilot bushing, if needed, and pins in the freezer overnight.  I am not sure how much this will help but the interference fitment on these parts is very tight.
  3. For the pin installation that locates the placement of the ring, be sure to support the ring where the opposing side cannot lay flat, otherwise, you may damage the ring!  A press is strongly recommended
  4. If you require the pilot bushing, you must use a press.  Using inconsistent force may damage the converter adapter and pressing in the bushing without support for the crank pilot will break the adapter.  You must have proper support on the center of the adapter!
  5. Align the holes on the converter adapter with the converter and push the converter adapter all the way onto the converter until it is fully seated.  This is a very tight fit and removing it will be cumbersome so pay attention to the hole location before fully pushing it onto the converter.  Once it is seated, secure it with the M8 bolts supplied
  6. Mount the ring onto the engine block and secure with the 12pt bolts provided.  Note that one hole is present, opposite the starter side, that will utilize a cap bolt (om606) or a stud and jam nuts (om648).   These are installed in a later step
  7. Make sure the engine's flex plate has two flex plate holes visible through the oil pan opening to secure the torque converter bolts.
  8. Place the M8x1.25 stud into the torque converter adapter.  This can be used to easily align the converter with the flex plate when pushing the transmission and engine together.
  9. If installing on an om648, install the M10 stud into the transmission, opposite the starter recess, with the longest thread portion screwing into the transmission
  10. Secure the transmission to the adapter ring with the supplied M10 bolts.  On the om648, install the two jam nuts.  On the om606, install the supplied cap screw.  Both are secured on the engine side of the adapter ring opposite the starter.  
  11. With the engine and transmission mated, secure the transmission with the supplied M10 bolts
  12. Remove the stud from the torque converter adapter as visible through the oil pan opening.
  13. Install the M8 bolts through the oil pan opening.  These secure the flex plate to the converter adapter.  There are 3 sets of two bolts, so you will need to rotate the engine clockwise until all bolts are installed and torqued to factory specification
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