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EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM 120-140cc, om603, om606
EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM 120-140cc, om603, om606
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EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM 120-140cc, om603, om606

Now you can have the best of Dieselmeken built right here in the USA. This saves you time...

EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM 120-140cc, om603, om606

Now you can have the best of Dieselmeken built right here in the USA. This saves you time and money! Please contact us before purchasing to discuss any questions you may have.


  • The exchange pump is not guaranteed to match the core model!  There are several versions of om603 and om606NA pumps.
  • Dieselmeken 7.5mm elements
  • Governor max calibrated to 140cc, ALDA max calibrated to 120cc.  The ALDA can be adjusted per Dieselmeken's YouTube video at
  • Engine timing needs to be 8-10 ATDC
  • High idle magnet installed facing down to prevent breakage during shipping and can be run in this orientation

    How the exchange works:

    • Purchase the pump online
    • Your core must be received within 30 days or the order will be canceled
      • The core should be in good operational shape.
      • EDC Pumps are not accepted as cores, the core must be a om603 or om606 NA mechanical pump with a threaded inlet - not a plastic fitting with an oring.
      • In the event the order is canceled and inventory runs out and a core is received after cancelation, the customer will be required to pay return shipping for their core.
      • We will not accept pumps that look like the following for an exchange. 

    • If there are issues (rusty camshaft, broken case, etc.  we will reach out to you to discuss.
    • It is suggested you insure your pump and make sure all oil is drained and it is bagged so it will not leak.  We have had carriers throw leaking cores away with no reimbursement.
    • Once we receive your core, we will do our best to remove items that are not needed and ship them back to you with the new pump.
    • Please pad your pump so it does not get damaged.
    • Cores are to be mailed to the following address - do not apply address corrections or we many not receive the pump.

    BenzForce, LLC
    15511 Hwy 71 West
    Ste 110, #404
    Austin, TX 78738


    • All M pumps should use 8-10 ATDC engine timing (compression stroke).
    • Follow the instructions found in the manual.  Navigate to the Resources >> om606 >> om606 Manuals menu item.  Open chapter 7 of the manual and follow the instructions in manual 07.1-8410.  Again, timing needs to be 8-10 ATDC. 

    • Pump locks can usually be found on eBay and are in expensive
    • We do not install injection pumps or perform work on customer's vehicles.  


    • The Dieselmeken elements have a lifetime warranty as does the labor to install them
    • All other workmanship, seals, gaskets, etc associated with the upgrade have a 90 day warranty.
    • Warranty is void if evidence of non-diesel fuel can be found or there is evidence of calibration tampering not discussed with us.
    • Warranty is only extended to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.  
    • Customer is responsible for shipping charges to BenzForce for warranty work, we will pay return shipping.



    We will always try to assist in troubleshooting issues but most problems come down to improper installation.  Stroke cycle, fuel supply, air and timing are the most common issues but we are limited in what we can do without being physically present.  

    • Most common issues: Air in the hard lines, restrictor banjo bolt left off the engine side of the pump, wrong stroke and wrong timing.
    • om60x M issues: Pump not timed appropriately.  Pumps should be timed to 8-10ATDC on the compression stroke.
    • Another problem that happens from time to time is that the pumps are dropped or jarred so hard during shipping that the pins slip out of the rack.  If things are not working right, you can take the side cover off the M pump and verify that all pins are in place.  Below is a picture of pins that have slipped out.  This is not a big deal, it just needs to be popped back into its holder and the side cover reinstalled.


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