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EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM, om617 MW
EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM, om617 MW
EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM, om617 MW
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EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM, om617 MW

** We do not accept cores with rack position sensors ** Now your om617 can have...

EXCHANGE: Dieselmeken 7.5MM, om617 MW

** We do not accept cores with rack position sensors **

Now your om617 can have more power with Dieselmeken.  Our exchange pump comes with Dieselmeken 7.5mm elements calibrated to 90cc and is built right here in Texas!  Please see all the details below for an overview, installation, exchange process and warranty information.

If you have any special needs please contact us before purchasing.  Any special requests discussed must be in the order notes at the time of ordering.


  • Dieselmeken 7.5mm elements
  • Calibrated to 90cc
  • There are different om617 turbo MW pumps, we treat these as interchangeable so some will have the side port, some will not.

How the exchange works:

  • Purchase the pump online
  • Your core must be received within 30 days.
    • The order will be canceled if the core is not received within 30 days
    • Only MW turbo pumps are accepted as a core, we will not accept M or NA pumps.  We will not accept pumps with a rack position sensor as a core.
    • In the event the order is canceled and inventory runs out and a core is received after cancelation, the customer will be required to pay return shipping for their core.
  • It is suggested you insure your pump and make sure all oil is drained and it is bagged so it will not leak.  We have had carriers throw leaking cores away with no reimbursement.
  • Once we receive your core, we will do our best to remove items that are not needed and ship them back to you with the new pump.
  • Please pad your pump so it does not get damaged.  If the ALDA is impacted, it can break the top plate.
  • Cores are to be mailed to the following address - do not apply address corrections or we many not receive the pump.

BenzForce, LLC
15511 Hwy 71 West
Ste 110, #404
Austin, TX 78738


  • All MW pumps preserve the factory engine timing.
  • Follow the instructions in chapter 7 of the manual.  This can be found in the website's Resources >> om617 menu.

  • Air in the fuel and improper timing are the biggest issues with pump upgrades.  Make sure to bleed all air out of the system and have proper fuel to the pump.
  • We do not install injection pumps or perform work on customer's vehicles.  


  • The Dieselmeken elements have a lifetime warranty as does the labor to install them
  • All other workmanship, seals, gaskets, etc associated with the upgrade have a 90 day warranty.
  • Warranty is void if evidence of non-diesel fuel can be found or there is evidence of calibration tampering.
  • Warranty is only extended to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.  
  • Customer is responsible for shipping charges to BenzForce for warranty work, we will pay return shipping.


We will always try to assist in troubleshooting issues but most problems come down to improper installation.  Stroke cycle, fuel supply, air and timing are the most common issues but we are limited in what we can do without being physically present.  

  • Most common issues: Air in the hard lines, restrictor banjo bolt left off the engine side of the pump, wrong stroke and wrong timing.
  • om617 MW issues: worn lift pump, splined pump shaft's notch not aligned with the timing mark, pump not inserted at 24BTDC on the compression stroke, and drip timing not performed properly.  On swaps where the fuel tank is lower than the pump, siphoning may occur fighting the lift pump; use a check valve to prevent issues.
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