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Vision & Mission

Vision: The vision of BenzForce is to foster a cult following and community for custom Mercedes-Benz performance vehicles with BenzForce supplying their product needs, advice and build assistance.


Mission: Our mission is to help the USA market with products, advice, knowledge and services to build high performance Mercedes vehicles.


Vision and Mission Illustration: We would like to see the classic Mercedes have the same capability of a $100k semi-exotic with enough charm to generate a cult following like classic Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles, etc.  BenzForce will work with the best of breed manufacturers and suppliers and control product distribution with respect to Mercedes performance where possible. The focus is not a glam bolt-on reseller but a performance focused provider that likes “nice” cars. Also, given the massive success of European providers, it would be foolish to reinvent the wheel; instead we should leverage their expertise.

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