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Holset HE221W Billet 7cm

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At this price, there are no returns!!! We will not be carrying this model going forward...

Holset HE221W Billet 7cm
At this price, there are no returns!!! We will not be carrying this model going forward and looking to liquidate these models.
This listing is for a new Genuine Holset HE221W with 7 cm2 housing. This is a great turbo for upgrades or factory replacement on certain non-Mercedes engines. Please make sure to verify compatibility before ordering. BenzForce sells turbos primarily to customizers/fabricators. If installing on a Mercedes engine, expect to have to make modifications to oil feed lines, oil feed fitting, oil drain line, flange adapters and compressor housing tubing/interconnects. The flange is a T25.
This turbo requires a separate backplate and gasket (not included).
  • Assy: 2835143
  • Cust: 4043978
  • Model: HE221W
  • Compressor: 43.5 (44)/60
  • Turbine:  52/46
For those unfamiliar with this turbo and are going to use it in a custom build, there is a pin inside that keeps the core aligned with the turbine. That could be ground down so the center section can move but because of the way the wastegate mounts to the compressor housing, it must be in line with the turbine housing unless you are going to modify it heavily. The oil entry/exit should be as vertical as possible.
This turbo was manufactured in the Wuxi Cummins factory but ships from our inventory in Austin, TX. There is a counterfeit prevention link at the bottom of our website walking through the Holset documentation as well as a video of the turbos we sell. Additionally, there are manufacturer links to supporting information

To offer the best prices we can, we ship via container ship. These turbos leave double boxed, two per box. Occasionally the freight forwarding company will unpack our order to maximize the utilization of the container. When this happens, the forwarding company in the USA will directly mail the individual turbos to us without double-boxing. It's the same turbo, they just add a lot of tape and mailing labels.

Please be sure to understand our return policy before purchasing.  A link to our return and refund policy can be found on the bottom of our website.

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