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How to Ship an Injection Pump


We have purchased and shipped many injection pumps over the last couple of years and I am often surprised by the packaging.  I have had pumps wrapped in 5 trash bags still leak out of the box.  I have also received packages big enough to ship a mini-fridge.  In order to get us your injection pump safely and cleanly follow these basic steps:

  1. Drain the oil.  Turn the pump on end (gear down) and let it drain overnight.
  2. Remove the accessories.  Take off the injection lines, banjo bolts, gear, hoses, and vacuum module
  3. Plug the oil hole.  Roll up a paper towel and press it into the oil holes at the end of the pump.  Do not push the paper towel in far enough that it will be difficult to remove as it will be easily torn if it absorbs oil.
  4. Loosely wrap the pump in a plastic bag.  Place your pump in a thick mil plastic bag and tie the end off.  If its too tight it will get punctured and defeat its purpose
  5. Line a cardboard box with another plastic bag.  Use another thick mil bag to line the shipping box.  This will serve as a final layer of protection against leaks.
  6. Fill the box with packing material and the pump.  I like to use shredded paper or thick packing paper that has been balled up tightly.  The goal is to use a material that will not break up under the weight of the pump and can be pack very tightly to remove any voids.
  7. Tape it up.  Tape is cheap so I use a lot of it to make sure the contents are secure.

Let us know if you have any questions on how to ship your pump to us!

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