I am finding that people often run into issues figuring out how to handle a tach setup on a diesel swap.  I have seen people adopt the donor car’s setup, installing pickups on the crank, alternator w signals, and AutoMeter has a pickup that mounts to the outside of the alternator.  In my case, I didn’t like any of these options.  Once you start dealing with proprietary devices like AutoMeter’s, I feel you are locked into their instruments.  For the others, fabrication, signal converter, and time are required.  The dyno car will have different engines in it so I wanted a solution that could be quickly adapted to the next engine as well as the om617.  For me, the quickest, easiest, and the best option was the TinyTach. 


Another big factor was my instrumentation.  My data gets logged through the AEM so I needed a regular signal that was not proprietary.  TinyTach was the best choice I think I could have made.


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