The MR300D is Almost Done, So Now What?

What’s on the horizon for BenzForce and what does it mean for you? Well, I am rapidly approaching the end of my Mercedes w123 build which will be a major milestone and free me up to pursue some other things. Here are some of the objectives I have:

  1. Do a quick om617 build. I am shocked at how much of the pump business is now for om617s. I never would have thought there would be a market for this engine. After all I ripped mine out and donated it. To be in a better position to advise others, I need to experience it.
  2. Get into gas. Don’t hate me but I need to become more diverse. Due to a lack of availability in my area, I don’t have much of an interest in the CDI engines. If the 617 and 606 are under my belt then it may be time to do an m104.
  3. Start putting together PROVEN power packages. Packages that I dyno and sell as a kit. This will take a lot of the guessing out of the process for those looking for certain horsepower levels. These would be header, turbo, and pump/fuel packages.
  4. Build a dyno test car. I have been looking for a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, preferably a small truck, that has a stout rear end, a big transmission tunnel, manual pedal assembly, older than 1994 and less than $1000. What I find isn't too pretty, lol. This will be a “learning” car that gets abused so I am not looking to sink a lot of money in it as the cash will go toward the engine builds. It has to be old enough to be exempt from emissions but in good enough shape to roll without spending a lot of time on deferred maintenance items.
  5. Manual Transmissions. With the dyno car I hope to venture into manuals. I would like to hit the C230 (US models 716.64x-716.66x), T56 with an F-Tune modified bell housing and if budget permits a TR6060. That’s a big bill though. I am not interested in adapter plates and 12” thick flywheels. I want something performance driven and professional quality.
  6. Start offering swaps. That’s right I plan on doing a couple of swaps/projects for customers per year. I will be picky on the car and the customer.
  7. Ease into newer models.  Start offering products for newer models.  I have KW Suspension, Borg Warner, some Garrett products, and a ton of manufacturers making performance parts for Mercedes available through my newest supplier.  After spot checking I feel confident I can be one of the lowest cost retailers too.  I just need to find the right product mix.  

Having hard data on engines, manuals and performance levels will help us all. Rather than subjective statements about horsepower, being able to show dyno results for each package and/or option will eliminate doubt.

It’s the roadmap at hand today but please keep in mind I have two hands and you don’t know what’s in the other one, lol.

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