Simplified SuperPump Order Process

Quite a few inquiries have come in regarding the process for having a SuperPump built. While it’s a fairly straightforward process that we’ve completed several times, we need to minimize the possibility for confusion. Before going any further, let me emphasize that BenzForce is not a Bosch shop. Our objective is to import the element kits from Dieselmeken and facilitate pump builds with service providers that have the expertise to get the job done correctly.

Originally, we asked customers to ship their pump directly to the Bosch service shop to reduce shipping costs. Once the pump/core arrives at the Bosch service shop, the element kit ordered from Dieselmeken would be waiting and installation could begin. However, some confusion has resulted from this approach, as customers aren’t always sure which company to contact with questions or which company is responsible for certain parts of the process. So, we’ve decided to simplify the process.

BenzForce is now the single point of contact. If technical questions arise, contact us and we’ll work with our expert partners to provide you with answers.

From now on, you can order your custom pump build on our website. After we receive the order, we’ll send you instructions about where to ship your pump along with a printable packing slip that will make it easy for the Bosch shop to identify your order. Print out the packing slip and include it in your shipment. Throughout the process, we’ll keep your order status updated so you know when we have received your order, when the build is complete, and when it’s being shipped back to you. Each change in order status should trigger an update email to you so that you remain informed throughout the process.

Superpump order process

When we have alerts about backorders or pending element orders from Dieselmeken, we’ll post them on the “Injection Pumps” page of our website. After ordering, if your selected elements are not in stock, we’ll let you know the expected lead time.

Getting a SuperPump built is easier than you may think. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to  contact us.

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