Progress Report: February 2020

The year has just started but things and the objectives for 2020 are underway in three of the goal categories I laid out. Here is what’s been happening:


  • Securing a property. We worked through multiple offers on one property that eventually fell through but have identified another property yesterday that is a strong candidate. It’s 3 acres with mobile so there would be more cleanup work involved in transforming it to our desired use but it would be a much better investment after the improvements have been made. Industrial, commercial, mixed-use or unzoned land is very costly in the Austin, Texas metro area.
  • Build out the offering. Last week additional AEM water/meth parts and kits were added to the store. 


  • Om617 – Turbo drain tube. The initial design has been done, printed and awaits test fitting. This tube will allow for a 12AN turbo drain.  

om617 AN style turbo oil drain tube


  • HE221 Builder’s kit. We have the first draft of a 5 lug HE221 back plate done. There are a couple of modifications that need to be made, then it is off to get pricing. If the cost analysis comes back favorably, we will move forward with it. What is nice is that it should flow better than a flat piece of metal as the inside of the plate is contoured in a fashion like the 4-lug backplate. In addition, we have designed, printed and test fit a 12AN drain tube that mates to the T25 Holset. This seems like overkill, and it is, but it will mate up to the om617 pan fitting easier.

    There are only two more design efforts left and those are the T25 to T3 adapter and a wastegate bracket. The market currently has options for both but I don’t like the design of either. If possible, I want a wastegate bracket that allows full articulation of the compressor housing. This way it is not designed for the om617 only. The HE221 may serve a gas market down the road and if the solution isn’t universal then it will need to be redone. Who knows, but why limit the design out of the gate?

    The 7cm HE221 is of great interest as we have received customer feedback about its instant throttle response on the om606. It is also has a growing following of om617 enthusiasts. The om617 market is still divided between 5.5 and 7cm housings but when a kit is finished, it should accommodate either housing.

Holset HE221 5 bolt back plate design

So there you have it ... things are in the works.  As mentioned above cost analysis needs to take place to justify manufacturing based on sales projections and target price.  Look for additional Snow Performance parts to be added to the water/meth section of the store soon, then I will move on to BorgWarner.


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