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Mercedes-Benz om617 Oil Pressure Information

The om617 is capable of putting out a lot of oil pressure and if ignored during a turbo upgrade, you risk damaging that expensive new turbo.  Below is information on the engine and a source for documentation so you can verify it on your own.  If doing an upgrade, use a regulator or restrictor.  Restrictors are a cheap way to go so long as you don't restrict flow too much and burn up your turbo.


om617 Service Manual:

Service Manual Engine 617.95
Lubrication is section 18
You can find the manual at the link in the comments below
All page numbers I give are 18.8-500/#

  • Minimum oil pressure (idle) - Min .3 bar (4.4 PSI)
  • Minimum pressure under load: 3 bar (43)
  • Oil pump relief valve will open at 7 bar (101 PSI)
  • Differential pressure between the contaminated and clean side of the filter - 3.5 bar

Parts to consider:
  • Turbosmart Oil Pressure Regulator
    • Blue:
    • Black:
  • Turbosmart fittings:

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