BenzForce is Back!

I cannot believe the effort it took to move eCommerce platforms, but it is now behind me. Make no mistake that there will be some fallout from bad practices, data migration issues, or just flat out fat fingering but most of the hard part is behind me. In a follow-up blog, I will touch on how the website can serve you better and what some of the remaining action items are. Regardless, this is a milestone year for BenzForce and I am so glad that you are part of the community, family really, reading the blog.

I am ecstatic about the future of the Mercedes car culture and how I BenzForce fits within it. This is a new dawn. You see, a lot of us grew up with w123, w124, w126, and other classic chassis models but the next generation has no connection with those. The w204, w205 w211, w212, etc. are the next generation. Today’s youth has the same passion and desire to push their car’s performance level but nowhere to turn for parts. Our offering has expanded and will continue to grow, to include performance and aftermarket parts that could be identified from my current suppliers. As with the om606, I expect to fill gaps in the offering with our own manufactured products where it makes sense.

I will not abandon my roots though and hope to provide “performance” parts through obsolescence of the om617 and om606. Unfortunately, suppliers are already cutting back on replacement parts.

With me, it’s no BS. My phone number isn’t on the website but its almost always provided to people who contact me through the website. That is what separates BenzForce from others. It's personal. I may not have all the answers or remember everything about everyone’s build, but I am here to try to facilitate however I can. I am an open book and excited about where the future will take us.

Hold fast,

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